Pheasant Hunting

Unique to the NLF&G club is our Fall pheasant hunting program. Unlike a game farm, you do not pay per bird that you shoot.


With our pheasant hunting, we charge a one-time fee, and sell a limited number of pheasant-hunting permits that are good during the Wisconsin pheasant hunting season. Besides following a few special hunting rules, our pheasant hunting program follows State of Wisconsin hunting rules.


What makes our pheasant hunting better than a game farm?

We lease about 2000 acres of grass field, crop fields, wooded fence lines, and small wooded lots for our members to pheasant hunt.


Do I pay for the birds I shoot besides the cost of my pheasant hunting permit?

NO. There is a one-time fee for this hunting privilege.


How many birds can I shoot per day?

Your daily and possession limit is equal to whatever the State of Wisconsin sets for the year.


When is the season?

The season follows the State of Wisconsin season dates.


How do I participate in the pheasant hunting program?

Pheasant hunting permits are sold on a first come basis. Returning participants are offered the first option to purchase tags, but every year there remains unsold permits.


Can kids participate in these hunts?

YES! Kids have two different price structures. Bring a kid hunting, and build memories that will last forever. After the hunt, come to the clubhouse for a home-cooked breakfast, and stories of the one that flew away.


How do I remove the tendons from the legs, so more of the bird is usable?

Watch this short video